I train People to be Human and teach Humanity to Machines to prepare both for each other.

Tom Ross Author / Operative
I became an End-User Advocate when I testified before Congress in support of the Anti-Spam Bill. The Governor of California later appointed me to a Department of Consumer Affairs Board. As National Creative Director for the 2nd largest radio group in America, I designed systems to find, test and scale the best skillsets and ideas from hundreds of stations across the country to successfully build one of that Industry's first national Visual Production operations. I later shared a module of my system in a TEDx Talk entitled Open Source Mode. OSM is now my consulting business where I find, develop and tell stories about clients, products and services. The biggest story today is about how humans are adapting to A.I. and Automation. I have proven methods to help teams maximize uniquely human skillsets prior to the installation of an AI CoWorker. My Avatar settings are: INTJ, Existential Intelligence, GenX, Mensa member, Scorpio Rising, Slytherin & RavenClaw, Chaotic Good, Gnostic Singularitarian-type Transhumanist.




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