The speed of AI proliferation has given rise to an anxious backlash which if left unchecked could hinder the productive integration of this inevitable technological advent. Open Source Mode (OSM) - a cooperative directive - strives to accentuate certain characteristics of human efforts to better collaborate with an Artificially Intelligent (AI) coworker before installation. OSM seeks then reasserts each participant's cognitive expertise. Games that run on human creativity, empathy, and problem-finding coalesce the group into a Meta-organism with newly enhanced and human-only skillsets to complement any AI Coworker.

Tom Ross Author, AI Teaming Consultant
Among the very first Visual producers in the Radio Industry, Tom was named National Creative Director for the 2nd largest radio groups in America. The unique challenge of introducing a visual culture and building graphics and video departments across hundreds of stations nationwide required many group ideation innovations. Tom was invited to share one of his ideation methods in 2013 TEDx Talk. His strategy and its tactics are well-suited and urgently needed today to prepare humans to integrate with Artificial Super-Intelligent coworkers.

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