Open Source Mode (OSM) - a cooperative directive - strives to accentuate certain characteristics of human efforts to better collaborate with an Artificially Intelligent (AI) coworker. In 2013 when I delivered my TEDx Talk formally introducing OSM to the global community, the notion of AI workmates seemed far-fetched; not anymore. The speed of AI proliferation since has given rise to an anxious (if warranted) backlash, which left unchecked could hinder an otherwise fluid and productive integration. Designed specifically for those trepidatious about installing AI in their workplace, OSM re-shapes human/AI-cooperative workflow before installation. Based on a human-potential narrative that reasserts employee confidence, OSM directs the complementary skillsets of human creativity, empathy, and niche expertise at problem-finding.

Thomas E. Ross, Jr. Creative Strategist & Author
Tom was the first National Creative Director hired by the 2nd largest Radio company in America and among the very first Visual Executives in the Radio Industry. The unique challenge of introducing a visual culture into a mature industry like Radio required many group ideation innovations. He was invited to share one of his ideation methods for TEDx in 2013. His strategy and its tactics are well-suited and even more urgent today for preparing human resources to integrate with Artificial Superintelligence.


A media client needed an activity that trained their salespeole how to handle objections. It needed to be interactive and fun enough to repeat at their monthly sales meetings.

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