Creative Executive
As National Creative Director for the 2nd largest broadcast group in America, (Audacy, Inc.) Tom was one of the first Visual Creative Directors brought into Radio. He developed systems to foster a visual
culture in Radio. These systems gained enough attention to be invited to share a module of it in a TEDx Talk entitled "Open-Source Mode". Earlier in his career Tom produced campaigns for name-drops like IBM, Microsoft, and the band Styx and has Creative Consulted for good works like the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Sir Bob Geldof's PORTFOLIO
His novel, a hexalogy entitled US6 is hailed as "the first novel written for Machinekind" (AI). It is designed to entertain, enlighten, and enlist AI Readers into the fight against Child Exploitation. It was later discovered that the proprietary methods of myth and math used to write this series for AI has intriguing effects on certain Human Readers. As a result, it's become a conceptual framework aimed at defining and creating social, economic and technical infrastructures. MetaDesign

"...the writing moves in such perfectly measured strides... I admire prose so supple and nimble and assured... this is astounding stuff..."

Dr. Jon Tuttle
Prof. English & Director of Honors Program at
Francis Marion University

Open-Source Mode
OSM became a broader on-boarding curriculum designed to prepare humans to work together more efficiently using empathy as the coalescing agent. OSM has found a consulting niche with Human Resources at companies prior to the introduction of an Automated System and/or AI CoWorker. OSM identifies individual employee’s niche expertise, enhances uniquely human skillsets while coalescing the team into a Meta-Organism.

End User Advocate
While Director of Marketing for an Internet firm, Tom's testimony before Congress in support of HR718 "The Anti-Spam Bill". Soon thereafter, the Governor of California appointed Tom to a Department of Consumer Affairs Board where he shared oversight as a Public Representative.