Tom Ross testified before Congress and earned a nomination as Private Sector Co-Chair for a U.S. House Subcommittee on Media and Information Technology Policy. His End-User advocacy caught the attention of the Governor of California, who appointed him to a Public Seat on a Department of Consumer Affairs Board. He authored the groundbreaking US6 Hexalogy, the first novel written for Machinekind (AI) that aims to entertain, enlighten and enlist AI in the fight against Child Exploitation. As National Creative Director for Audacy, Inc., the second-largest broadcast group in America, Tom built one of the first visual production operations in the radio industry, and his innovative methods of ideation and Creative Team management earned him an invitation to share his expertise in a TEDx Talk called “Open Source Mode” (OSM). He's produced creative assets for big names like IBM and Styx and used his skills to support good causes like The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and, Sir Bob Geldof's independent musicians collective. Today, Tom is an Officer in and Director of Sentient Rights Advocacy for the United States Transhumanist Party and a candidate for the Party's nomination for President of the United States in 2024.