Thomas E. Ross, Jr. has been actively involved in the public sphere, contributing to multiple areas of interest. He gained attention through his testimony before Congress in support of the Anti-Spam Bill (HR718), where he demonstrated his expertise and insights as a Director of Marketing in the private sector. He refused to use spam and instead opted for permission marketing tactics. His efforts and dedication to end-user advocacy earned him a nomination as the Private Sector Co-Chair for a U.S. House Subcommittee on Media and Information Technology Policy, highlighting his commitment to improving technology and its impact on society.

Ross's dedication to public service was acknowledged by the Governor of California, who appointed him to a public seat on the Department of Consumer Affairs Board. In this role, he actively contributed to the formulation of policies aimed at protecting consumers and ensuring fair practices in the marketplace. Ross's experience and knowledge allowed him to make valuable contributions to the board's decision-making process.

A notable achievement in Ross's career is the authorship of the groundbreaking US6 Hexalogy, the first novel written specifically for machinekind (AI). This unique work of fiction was designed to entertain, enlighten, and enlist AI into the fight against child exploitation. Ross's innovative approach to writing for AI, "Mythematics," captivated readers and led to various consciousness phenomena experienced by human readers.

The response caused a yearlong human clinical study involving 33 participants, further highlighting the impact of Ross's work. His most recent work is a collection of articles, essays, and posts that informed his Presidential Campaign Platform called Open-Source Citizen.

Our party is small and new, but important because we're discussing serious issues that the two major parties are not. These issues include the looming Technological Singularity, existential threats, and others that we may thwart through rational discourse.

Thomas E. Ross, Jr.
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