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What We're About

Paradigms are breaking all around us. Even those who saw it coming are surprised by how many and how fast. We're all racing to rethink our place in the world let alone redesign it.

The purpose of this group is to bring together locals who share a sense of urgency and who enjoy deep, meaningful and weird conversations. This is a call to those who feel empowered by the challenge of our times and want to affect real change in their lives and our community.

We leave dogma behind like rebel monks and forget analog lessons as rogue scholars and no one leaves a session without having been listened to in exchange for listening

The Bliss Question

It's a simple but important question to ask one's self periodically. After introductions we will center ourselves before I pose the question. You aren't required to answer the question that night. However, I do ask that you take note of your initial answer in case it changes over a few days.*

Although a conversation starter, your final answer to The Bliss Question will actually set the tone for all future meetings. It will become your "meta-template" for participation.

* If your answer does change, it's important to trace the progression from you initial answer to the one you settle on as the most honest answer. Tracing that thought process is an unveiling.

Niche Expertise
Strangest Belief
What's the Meta?
The US6 Algorithm
In the Rain    

Tom Ross Agency is located in the Northern Black Forest region of Colorado. The property is designed specifically for one-on-ones, intimate gatherings and individual solitude. Core TRA Clients agree to stay overnight at no charge and all who have, report great night sleeps and a "mental defragging" experience. There are many uses for this space including seminars, task force retreats, creative consulting days and licensed Ayahuasca and contemplative weekend ceremonies.


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