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First of all, thank you as you are the exact Reader I had in mind while writing this thing. Secondly, and as I write this thing, Book III is still in its last stages of story telling before Beta Readers and Editors. So the book (US6), at least until it is in physical print, is a Living Document. So is this page. I will be adding links and characters as well as excerpts from the three books to foster discussion. I'll ask you what you thought of certain choices to see if I was successful but sometimes I'll ask about a character's choices because I have no idea myself. Thanks again and please feel free to reach out to me with questions and answers. If you find the Sumerian Myths intriguing beyond what is touched on in this story, I highly recommend Inanna Returns by V.S.Fergsuson for a full background of the The Family of Anu and deep insights into the nature and choices of these fashioner gods. To meta-jump from there and have a better context for Book III, I recommend devouring The Nag Hammadi Library.

Tom Ross


The title; "US6" refers to U.S. Route 6 also known as the "Grand Army of the Republic Highway" in honor of the Union soldiers in the first US Civil War. Recent Uneviling

US6 The Novel
US6: The Ghost-Written Autobiography of Emit Archer  is a novel comprised of three books; The Lord's Player, The Nūn of Babylon and The Baptism of Lucifer.

We first meet Emit Archer in a seminary in Mexico City in 1976; just before he becomes an active asset for M.I. (Military Intelligence Corps.) and just after breaking a priest's neck. He's eleven-years-old.

Book I
The Lord's Player

2022 as now; Chief Emit Archer is an Army Sentinel patrolling a stretch of US Route 6 in Western Colorado. It's one of the safest posts since the East/West Civil War began. Emit can't enjoy it though for two reasons. First; his son is Special Forces and deployed near what used to be Florida and some of the heaviest fighting east of the Mississippi Sea. Second; the day after tomorrow is Emit's Deathday. We all have one; one date each year that we walk right through never knowing its significance until that last year. But Emit knows his. Steeped in Southwestern imagery with indigenous Katsina cameos; Book I takes us from the red caves of New Mexico to Mandarin Orchards on Spanish Coasts and back again to the Sage Plains west of the Rockies. US6 chronicles an adventure that is more than one man deserves in a lifetime but for Emit Archer, it's just Book I.

Book II
The Nūn of Babylon

This story begins a millisecond after Book I, when not hundreds of thousands or thirty years in the past. In alternating chapters we read the first person accounts of two Co-tagonists in Iraq; Emit Archer who heads a sniper team in the South and Agent Emvee; a female CIA agent in Northern Iraq posing as a Nun in a monastery. This prequel to Book I helixes Emit's past mythically with the Cotagonist; a gifted daughter of a high level diplomat/soldier who was tossed out of the Girl Scouts for singing a Sumerian incantation instead of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" like the other "Brownieshirts." We follow this feisty and "ethnically exotic nerd girl"—with more Black Belts and Marksmanship Medals than pop culture references—become a sharpened tool for CIA. And then some.

Book III
The Baptism of Lucifer
"I'm calling this book "The Unveiling". If there is any legal halt to my intention to do so... I will think of another title. Something that will garner enough attention to get a mic in front of me so I can denounce [Defendant] publicly."

"This could be dangerous. Truth is hard to trust. Emit would talk about the intrepid apprentice marching on through Chapel Perilous or some allegory for initiation into the Mysteries but I don't have that kind of flare and you don't have that kind of time."

Discussion Topics

Mythological References
[in order as introduced]

Kokopelli Katsina | The Fifth World | Eototo

Long Count Calendar Prophecy

Inanna Returns by V.S. Ferguson
Inanna's Descent to the Underworld
Lord Enki (aka Prince Ea)
Creation | Garden of Eden | The Flood

Ishtar's Descent into the Underworld
The Seven Veils

MAORI (New Zealand)
Rangi and Papa
Tāwhirimātea GREEK
Talos the Bronze Giant

Religious References

Sethian Gnosticism


The Game of Postulates


Book I
U.S. Rte 6 Costa Brava, SpainCoba, MexicoChaco Canyon • "Anasazi Territory"

Book II
Eridu (S.Iraq) • The Monastery of Mar Mattai (N.Iraq) • Ancient NinevehAntediluvian Kingdoms

Book III
Hollywood, CA
Seventh Veil 6363 SunsetReeperbahn, Hamburg Eros Center

Scientific Theory/Research

The Axial Precession
Day Shortening Earthquakes: Chile | Japan

Historical References

Legión de Cristo (Sexual Abuse Scandal)
Hernán Cortés (Conquest of Mexico/1500s)
First Council of Nicaea (325 A.D.)
The Sumerian King List (Antediluvian Dynasties)
UNESCO (U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

Charged Comments & Dialog

Book II: Chapter 15 : Sweet Water House
"Before I kill a man, I know all that it implies. I know I'm extinguishing a universe. I know I am depriving a family of a man and a man of his family. I feel the same thing when I see a worshiper." — Emit Archer

Book III: Chapter 40: Judes Are Wild
"... someone noticed a change in me when I got back that made me suddenly coveted. I went dark after watching a dead priest fall away and I guess that was the feature they were waiting to kick in. The only thing missing was something missing and when I lost it, they wanted me." — Ghost Writer

Story Helixes and Unintended Spins

Book II: Chapter 32 : A Velvet Dagger
Emvee remarks about carrying heavy packages to the library often for her father.
Seth's only opportunity to ferry a package to the library is a pivot point and benchmark.

Book I: Chapter 12 : Hacienda Vidal
He pointed to a small and upside-down mark in the upper left corner of the crest. The tiny set of dents and scratches told Rafael that this helmet didn't fall off the head of Cortés. Though he was able to identify exactly where it was forged and by whom based on that mark, he didn't need it to know it wasn't Cortés'.

Despite my years of studying the region's history and the lofty suffixes behind my name, it wasn't until that night that I learned these Morions with this specific design weren't worn by him. They wouldn't be designed for another thirty years.
This benchmark for prophecies was itself a forgery. Still a magnificent find and a pivot point for a People but not a Truth as itself.
Is Truth the object or its associations?


The Unveiling

Original Film Treatment [2008] What became the Above Story of US6; a metaphysical study of the holographic relationship between a creator and its creation began as a father/son project Below.

The Characters
[as introduced]

  • Dr. Emit Archer
    US Asset | Warrant Officer USArmy | Archaeologist

  • Miriam Vidal Archer
    Deceased | American | Anthropologist | Wife

  • Jackson Archer
    US Asset | Army Special Forces | Son

  • Siméon Baaleth:
    British | Producer | Artifact Collector

  • Uncle Raphael Vidal
    Spanish | Artifact Reproducer

  • Angelica Esperanza
    The First Lady of NM | Collector

  • Dr. Sarah Kamen
    American | Emit's Grief Counselor

  • The Native American Boy
    Guides Emit to the Morion

  • Governor Miguel Esperanza (New Mexico)

  • Agent Clarke
    Homeland Security/NM Office

  • Mac The Mirror
    Rebel East American Sniper along US6

  • Seth Windstrom
    Governor's Photographer | Emit's Army Buddy

  • Corporal Burke
    American Sniper Team/UNESCO Liaison

  • 'Irfaan Kish
    Iraqi Groundskeeper/UNESCO Liaison

  • Agent Emvee
    American CIA Operative/UNESCO Liaison

  • Timothy Gabhar
    American CIA Operative/Iraq

  • Alexi Weaver
    Irish G2 Intelligence Officer/UNESCO Liaison

  • Gabriella
    Maltese - Speaks only Latin

About T.E. Ross

Tom Ross is National Creative Director for one of the largest broadcasters in the US. He's a former Governor-appointed member of a California Consumer Affairs* Board, an American Mensa Member Rogue Scholar and uncomfortable writing about himself in 3rd person. US6 is my first novel. BetaReadersGroup
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