"I first met Emit Archer in 1976, right before I joined Military Intel and just after he twisted a broken priest's neck.
We were eleven years old.


Metaphysical Thriller& Initiate Handbook

This could be dangerous. Truth is hard to trust. Emit would talk about the intrepid apprentice marching on through Chapel Perilous or some allegory for initiation into the Mystery Schools, but I don't have that kind of flair and you don't have that kind of time.

"US6" is a highway that cuts across the heart of America. "US6" is a protein that cuts across the membrane of a cell and "US6" is us six, the fictional authors of this metaphysical thriller. We take turns telling our stories as heirs to an ancient and royal sibling rivalry between the Brotherhood and his Sisterhood of the Serpent.

Swapping intrigues for high crimes we weave our world behind a veil, because in front of that veil, we're six young people enslaved by human traffickers.

Although US6 is a paracosm---an imaginary world that we’ve built together to cope, we've unearthed certain esoteric principles that may well be our escape... and yours.


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