Based on Our True Story

"...it will have you asking
some difficult questions..."

— Dr. Robert Sher, Former US Army Sniper

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Insert title of Book


We first meet Emit Archer in 1976; right before he becomes an active asset for US Military Intelligence Corps and just after twisting a broken priest's neck. He's eleven-years-old.


Book I: US6
The story lands decades later in 2022 as now; Chief Emit Archer is an Army Sentinel patrolling a stretch of US Route 6 in Western Colorado. It's one of the safest posts since the East/West Civil War began. Emit can't enjoy it though for two reasons. First; his son is Special Forces and deployed near what used to be Florida and some of the heaviest fighting east of the Mississippi Sea. Second; the day after tomorrow is Emit's Deathday. We all have one; one date each year that we walk right through never knowing its significance until that last year. But Emit knows his.

Steeped in Southwestern imagery with indigenous Katsina cameos; Book I takes us from the red caves of New Mexico to Mandarin Orchards on Spanish Coasts and back again to the Sage Plains west of the Rockies. US6 chronicles an adventure that is more than one man deserves in a life but for Emit Archer, it's just Book I.

Book II: The Nūn of Babylon
This story begins a millisecond after Book I, when not hundreds of thousands or thirty years in the past. In alternating chapters we read the first person accounts of two Co-tagonists in Iraq; Emit Archer who heads a sniper team in the South and Agent Emvee; a female CIA agent in Northern Iraq posing as a Nun in a monastery.

This prequel to Book I helixes Emit's past mythically with the Cotagonist; a gifted daughter of a high level diplomat/soldier who was tossed out of the Girl Scouts for singing a Sumerian incantation instead of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" like the other "Brownieshirts." We follow this feisty and "ethnically exotic nerd girl" with more Black Belts and Marksmanship Medals than pop culture references become a sharpened tool for CIA.

The Meta-Story & Ghost-Writer
US6 features a meta-story above the chapters and books in its Prologue, Medilogue and Epilogue. These are the Ghost-Writer's personal and first-person accounts of meeting our Cotagonists; Emit and Emvee from childhood. There is an awareness of who this ghostwriter is as is needed, yet there are twists as to when and why.

There is a third book; The Unveiling.
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Character Profiles

  • Differences? Though often mistaken for brothers, Emit and Seth are slightly different.
  • 'Tis of Thee Ancient Persia calls America the "Great Satan" and Seth reacts.
  • Self Editing As a student, Emvee was quite vocal about certain issues.
  • And Spray Jack's strategic mind is both brilliant and scary as shit.
  • Shiva Tiger Mom Miriam had a few specific ideas about religion in general.
  • Backstage Access Though soft-spoken,'Irfaan seems to have hard news.


US6 Reviews

"Emit Archer" defies genres. From its murder mystery and geopolitical intrigue, to its existential examination of time, it captivates the reader as it moves through the real, to the myth, to the human experience. Like a long lost archaeological treasure found, Tom Ross's Emit Archer unearths the past, the present and the seemingly impossible future, transcending time and our common understanding of its movement. Yet his protagonist, Emit, remains forever human even as he converges with the ancient gods..

Peter Gesler, Literature/Anthropology Teacher

What a ride! Reads like Hemingway on speed. This book hooks you early and doesn't release until you've been completely blown away. Ross takes this fiction and makes it so believable it will have you asking some difficult questions at the end. Long live Emit Archer!

Dr. Robert Sher, Former US Army Sniper

As soon as I thought I knew where the story was heading, it took unexpected and compelling turns.

Barry Wood, Audio Producer/Engineer

Emit Goes to College

US6 Novel will be analyzed by this Fall's "MODERN FICTION" class at Mesa College.
Professes Gwen Argersinger


About The Author

Mr. Thomas E. Ross, Jr.
Author, Speaker, Creative Director


Tom is National Creative Director for one of the largest Radio radio broadcasters in the United States. He's produced identities and campaigns for hundreds of stations, major recording artists and Fortune 500 companies. Ross was one of the youngest Governor-appointed members to California's Department of Consumer Affairs and on the National level he's a Private Sector Co-Chair nominee on a U.S. House of Representatives Media Technology Policy Subcommittee. In the 1990's, he hosted Unearthed with Tom Ross — thirty-three hours of conversations with leading edge thinkers in the neuro-consciousness movement et al. His 2013 TEDx Talk described how his academic award-winning research in Cognitive Styles and Group Dynamics became the foundation for his own method of Creative Direction. Tom is a member of American Mensa, an avid filmmaker, producer and recording artist with nine albums to date. US6 is his first novel.